According to the latest estimate of FAO and the forecasts of the International Maize and Wheat Research Center (CIMMYT), the need for corn at the global level will reach 837 million tons from 558 million tons in 1995 with a 50% increase in 2020. Corn for commercial purposes And marketing falls into different groups. Many physical and qualitative criteria are used to separate corn seeds.

Asian origin of corn
Corn originates from Asia. According to this theory, corn originated in the Himalayan region from a cross between Coix ssp and some Andropogenacae, which is more likely to be a type of sorghum and both parents have 5 pairs of chromosomes (Anderson, 1945). This hypothesis has a lot of support. It didn’t work. In any case, based on cytological studies and molecular markers, this theory that corn is an amphidiploid has attracted support.
Mexican origin of corn
Most corn researchers believe that corn originated from Mexico, where corn and teosinte have existed together since ancient times and both species have a lot of biological diversity.

Types of corn

Corn seed is one of the most diverse seeds in nature. The selective pressure applied by Bayat and humans has resulted in different types of corn, which are genetically divided based on the characteristics of the endosperm of the seed (the tissue that surrounds the embryo and provides the food needed for the growth of the seed). It has many grains in terms of color, texture, composition and appearance. Maize can be divided into different groups according to endosperm and seed contents, seed color, the environment in which it grows, ripening and its uses. Types of corn based on grain type including: Dent Corn, Flint Corn, Floury Corn, Waxy Corn, Sweet Corn, Pop Corn And finally, the seventh type is pod corn.

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